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Up Town London Pad


Property in London has always been a very lucrative business for investors. Over the years the capital has seen much of its property bought up by foreign businessmen and millionaires to be turned into luxury accommodation – something which isn’t exactly helping the housing crisis within the city.

On a positive note though many of these Victorian buildings are protected and therefore they cannot be demolished or have their exteriors altered in anyway with prior approval from building regulators and local authorities.

A prime example of these beautiful ‘old-meets-new’ style homes is Harley street in London, it’s brick terrace houses with lavish interiors echoing the centuries of the London gentry. Whilst many of these are now commercial properties occupied by everything from hotels to estate agents to law offices and private neck cancer clinics, a few are still up for grabs to home owners and are perfect for any ‘made in Chelsea’ wannabes.

While they won’t have such a good deal as Canterbury estate agents that can provide country charm, what you’re lacking in space and greenery you make up for in luxury and panache. Just take a look at this video of what a typical property in Chelsea looks like:

Pearlfisher has an incredible studio which accurately portrays how London holds some of the most creative and independent thinking individuals. When you think of an office you would usually consider the views of 4 walls and box styled windows. design agency Pearl fisher are one of the brands which have put their creativity into how an office should look, to eliminate the common portrayals of boredom. Check out the photos below:-

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If you want to see more photos of Pearlfishers work and office go to: