Wow! Home & Business Makeovers Before and After

How do you add some Pizazz Factor to your home when you feel it starting to look a little dull? Well if you follow the lead of some transformations we’ve found across the web, it is a lot easier said AND done. Let’s a take a look shall we?



Before: A dated kitchen, mainly due to the wooden panneling that hasn’t managed to keep a modern look through time. This kitchen aslo had a burst pipe under the sink. The one-two punch caused this home owner to redo the whole kitchen.

After: Stainless steel without going broke, by using affordable appliances with steel finishes the owner gets the look of an expensive kitchen at an affordable price. Then to finish of the the cabinets with Benjamin Moore‘s Linen White paint to brighten the whole kitchen


Before: The 80’s haven’t left this pink bedroom that tries to have an airy feel to it, but the carpet is getting in the way of helping bring about a much needed complimentary look for the striped wallpaper.

After: A Modern Rustic Delight, the owners of this room striped back to the original walls and flooring while also using hardwood and the headboard to help add some natural colour to the space.Finished with African cotton throws and painted in Interior paint from Kilz


Before: Unused Zone, a crawl space that was under used and honestly left without much of a purpose. It’s quite normal with rooms that are a bit on the cramped side to know what to do with them.

After: After some knocking through of the angled wall to gain some much needed floorspace, The owner was able to turn this into a usable space in to a guest bedroom/ mini office that could just about squeeze a desk in.

You can see that the original floorboards have been left exposed with a nice lacquer of varnish thrown down. The room has been finished off with one of the walls having Chalkboard Paint to make the space more usable. Also enclosing a bed behind a curtain makes this area both a day time office space and a night-time guest bedroom.


Before: Tired and Dated, a home-made kitchen ready to be retired. Ae we seen with the kitchen above, cabinets with wood panelling were very popular form the 70s all the way to the 90s, but the “shiny” brown look isn’t very fashionable anymore.

Air pressurisers were used when the old furniture was being replaced, this allowed the space to be completely stripped back – which felt like the room was seeing a fresh start. In this particular job I used a vertical air receiver from airline pneumatics which was perfect for a one man project and perfect for sitting outside of the house as the galvanised steel allowed me to have that option – as it can handle any weather condition.

After: Airy and Ready to show, this kitchen is now bright, airy and welcoming. Simple Ikea units teamed up with a zinc worktop and some well placed convector radiators see this room come to life with the creamy white painted panels and a much more earthy tone on the wood paneling which now coverd the slate grey tiles. Throwing boards over the tiles was a much easier option than ripping them off the wall and provides a layer of insulation for the kitchen.


Before: A different anlge of our kitchen, this time with an island  of an eyesore. The pots and pans hanging from the roof don’t really help show off how much space the kitchen has or allow for the island to be fully used.

After: Clever Details, by revamping the island with limestone worktops and chicken wire in the cupboards this kitchen is now a jot for the family to use and finished in Chester Grey paint from Ralph Lauren (yes the clothing company does actually make paint too)



Before:  Here’s an example of the correct way to complete the perfect shop-fit for your business. In most cases when you are in the process of starting up a business – you’ll not have the budget to buy a property which the interiors are in place to start selling your products or services. Making due with premises that require a make-up will be more appropriate for your business. As you can see in the photo to the left, here’s a property which was bought in Glasgow, Scotland which the owners were inspired to transform into a high street coffee shop.

After: With the help of a local Glasgow shopfitting company, they were able to transform the space into a all-purpose restaurant and take-away coffee shop. Which stands out is the incredible patterned flooring. The black and white design of this flooring really makes the red furniture and wall designs pop due to the contrast.

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