Minimalist Home On The White Isle

In Ibiza it’s important to make life look as flawless as possible. There’s no better way to get that feeling across than with the home. This villa sits comfortably in the Ibizan greenery and puts minimalism first and foremost.

The living area has something of a ‘zen’ like feeling with perfectly arranged furniture and little pockets in the space for plants to bring a natural feels to the room. Light doesn’t envelope the space as you’d expect but seems to sneak in through key points and punctuate the exits without being forceful.

The use of wood is also a nod to the nature surrounding the home. Almost every space will have some wooden furniture or décor that detracts from the solid concrete structure in a positive way.

The thing that most people don’t realise is that creating a minimalist style can be a lot more difficult that it sounds. You might think that having less is a case of…simply not putting as much things in but picking the right items is as important, if not more than with any other style.

There is a saying that a Swan might look elegant above the water but below its legs are working hard. The same can be said of a minimalist design, it might look cool and elegant but there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes.

Simple things like lights, TVs, DVD players might not seem like an issue but the minute you start bringing wires into a space like this then you can disrupt the look. There are ways you can get around this by setting cables back into the wall so getting an expert in to help will be a priority.

Another big thing, especially in Ibiza, is for your air conditioning unit to be in good working order. You will need a good air conditioning unit to ensure the environment you create isn’t spoiled by the heat so looking into air conditioning condensers for sale should be high on your list. The condenser itself will be outside so if you can find a good area to place this that won’t impact your outside space while still giving you the optimum performance you will be on to a winner. You can find out a bit more about air conditioning condensers here

There you have it, you can stay cool in your beautiful, minimalist Ibiza pad as long as you know the ins and outs of design. You might to get a bit of expert opinion and help along the way but if you are going to do something like this it’s worth doing right.


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