Dream Property in Ibiza

Casa Jondal is the kind of villa that dreams are made of.  Sprawling over 380 sq metres and with a pool running along the length of the building, it redefines Spanish living space.

Unusually it brings the standard ceramic tiling we’d see on porches or around the pool and instead uses the traditional look to create brighter and warmer floor space throughout the house. With so many large windows punctuating throughout, it provides a feeling that the outside is continuing on through the house and can even achieve this thanks to the sliding steel framing around the living area.

As far as the interior goes it has a modern contemporary feel that people could put there own touch to. Although the temperature might night call for it most of the year getting stylish heaters to compliment the building is important. The likes of Trade Radiators have great towel heaters as well for bathrooms. It tends to be something that people overlook and just make do with the first option they see but you can get a great choice these days and also ask advice on social media like Trade Radiators Facebook page.

Add to this the fact that the bath is located right behind the bed, the sloping effect the house gives can leave someone in a dream like state.