Say Oui to Paris!

Paris is one of Europe’s top tourist spots, and the French capital does boast a little je ne sais quoi. If you are planning a trip to Paris, find out some of its hidden gems and what to see here.

When visiting Paris, it is so easy to jump on the tourist bandwagon and consequently get sucked into the (pricy) tourist traps, of which there are plenty; hardly surprising when there are over 30million visitors to the city each year. Especially if you have visited the city before, now is the perfect time to explore some of Paris’ authentic charm, the way that Parisians see it.

First up, hire a velib, Paris’ city bike system; see the city without having to fight way through the metro at rush hour. With over 14,000 bikes at around 1,200 stations around the city, not only is it a great way to site-see, but it can also be a time and money-saver too. It is a particularly practical idea to hire one of you are staying in a hotel near the Seine, since you will be able to meander alongside the river which handily goes right by some of the city’s most iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

The Passages of Paris are something to keep an eye out for; these covered shopping sections are often tucked away, and keep their fantastically whimsical 19th century design. Find cute shops, quaint cafes and more. Take a look at the Galerie Vivienne which was built in 1823 for one of the best examples of these.

Or why not head to the edge of the city, away from all the hustle and bustle to the Meudon Observatoire, which is a satellite observatory of the main Paris Observatory found in the centre of the city. Some 10km form the city centre, this charming place is set amongst rolling fields on the banks of the lake, and it offers fantastic views over Paris too. Having been founded in 1876, it is a lovely historical spot to visit. Visit here to find out more about the Meudon Observatoire.

So on your next trip to Paris, try and see it from a different angle; you may even just fall in love with the city of love that little bit more!