Canary Wharf, London’s Second City

London is huge. It’s kinda like a country in itself. With so many places to stay, you can get lost along the way.  One of the places, which sometimes gets overlooked, is the business hub of the city, Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf isn’t a place you would first think of coming to stay when visiting London but it’s worth a shout.  It’s busy – no denying that. It’s congested, there’s no denying that. But under the surface, there’s something magical about Canary Wharf.

It might be the blending of the old and in with the new. It might be the city slickers sharing space with the street vendors on the way to the office. What’s definitely here is unique. The transparency with the traditional way of life down this part of London with the evolving world with the sky scrapers and stock traders is really cool.

And it works. People get on. Do their thing. And that is that.

Another plus point of staying in Canary Wharf is the abundance of accommodations available.  There’s so much choice which suits a varied budget too.

You’re not far away from landmarks; you’re near to the o2, just by catching the subway. Even if you don’t decide to stay in Canary Wharf, visit here one day and you won’t be disappointed.