down by the coast

Visiting The Mainland: Make It To Malaga & Barcelona

Ibiza is the party capital of the world, but there are some sights and sounds further afield that can give anyone a true sense of what living in this part of the world is like. A quick jaunt over to the mainland is ideal for anyone on an extended break and searching for something different from lounging in the sun and staying up all night. In fact you can even make an unforgettable road trip on your Ibiza Holiday by making sure you don’t get here first. All it takes is a flight in to Malaga, or Spain’s cultural capital: Barcelona

Flights to Malaga are often much cheaper than here on the white isle. Malaga airport car hire is the cheapest in the country and you’re guaranteed to get a great car at a cheap price. You’ll be on the highway in no time at all and giving your holiday a side that others will be envious of.

Barcelona is a beautiful city and the kind that can get you energised for a few nights pre or post a party week on Ibiza. It is worth your time checking out the range of different options, as some of the serviced apartments Barcelona has to offer out do many hotels in terms of price and luxury. AirBnB is still relatively new in the city and can be dear depending on the time of year. Enough of that though! Here’s what you need to know about the legendary drive along the east coast to the party capital of the world.

If you have the time free in your calendar for an extended holiday, we can’t recommend the drive from Barcelona to Malaga enough. The route above is ideal if you’re someone who loves a good coastal drive overlooking the Mediterranean. If you’ve been bitten by the culture bug while in Barcelona, there is another suggested route Google Maps provides where you can drive through the country by Madrid and getting to see idyllic Spanish towns like Manzanares, Jaen and Granada.

Now a lot of it will involve the envious task of driving along some of the most stunning coast line in the world, eating some of the freshest food on the planet and having to make sure you have fun. Hard stuff indeed. The main route from Malaga around to Almeria is just stunning and definitely worth the drive, even if you get stuck at some touristy spots with traffic jams along the main roads. You could get in to a lot of this between Torrevieja and Benidorm.

This is where hiring a car and taking this long way round to Ibiza becomes worth it. You should intentionally get off the main route (E15) and take the A7. Why should you do this craziness? Because it’s the only chance to see a side to Southern Spain that many people never have the luxury to. Towns like Lorca, Tortana, Murcia and Albatera are your prime chance to sample real Spanish food, get a feel for coastal town life and take in some great sites.

A lot of the area, as in Ibiza, is made up of mountainous backdrops and rocky inclines. Along the way though are a few national parks that are surprisingly nice and a great stop off point. Sierra Espuna, Carrascoy y  El Valle, Serra del Maigmó y Serra del Sit are stunning parks and trails that will definitely by worth a hike, especially if you’re going to be loading up on that all important cerveza or three later in the evening.

After you drive by Benidorm and along the coast once more, you’ll get to the port of Denia, where the Denia-Ibiza Ferry leaves from. Its possibly one of the most laid back journeys you will ever make. Drive right on and spend the next three hours taking in the sea and sunshine. Before you know it you’ll have swung under the south of the island and disembarked right in the Puerto de Ibiza.

It might sound like a lot of work, but trust us, it is one of the most relaxing ways to journey and an unconventional but exciting way to start (or finish) a holiday of its kind.