Best Hair Options

Hairdressers tend to be something we stick to. When we find a stylist that gets to know what we like and what we want it can often be seen as a risk to try elsewhere, all it takes is one bad haircut to scare us out of change forever. But what are we missing? With so many great hair stylists out there, by sticking to one we could be wasting a great opportunity to experiment.

We thought we would look at some of the best salons in London to see if there was a way you could be tempted to put aside your fears, plunge headfirst into the unknown and experiment with a new stylist.

It goes without saying that if you visit any of Europe’s major cities you will come across a number of top salons, some may even be world famous. You can also come across some hidden gems which might not appear as glamorous at first sight but can offer cutting edge (pun intended) styles and great value.

Here are some of our picks worth keeping an eye out for.

Windle & Moodie


Located in the cities exclusive Covent Garden, Windle & Moodie have been an ever present for over 30 years. Boasting a celebrity clientele, numerous awards and their own hair care products, Windle & Moodie are definitely one to look out for.

George Northwood


Fans of Alexa Chung will want to know where the fashion icon is styled and you will have to head to London’s Wells Street to find out. George Northwood is a highly respected stylist having plied his trade for over a decade and counting on other famous faces as regulars to his salon.

Taylor Taylor London


With awards such as ‘Best Hairdressers of London’ and ‘Best Beauty Salon in London’ and featuring in the likes of Vogue, Esquire and Cosmopolitan, Taylor Taylor London are a must for any list looking for top London Hairdressers.

Charles Worthington


If you are looking for a stylist that has a stunning, sleek salon in the heart of London, a range of top class hair care products and is the man behind many red carpet hairstyles at the BAFTA’s  the Charles Worthington is your man.

It goes without saying that finding the top salons in London is easy, but being able to afford regular cuts might be a different story with the most highly respected hairdressers charging similarly high fees. It is possible to find great salons at a fracion of the price or even deals that can bring the cost right down. Searching online for hair salons near me will give you your local options.

Whatever you do don;’t settle because you are scared, there could be the ideal hair salon waiting just around the corner. If you are looking for a fresh start and a fresh cut, get looking no.